Mori Onodera at La Botte

Introducing “Chef2” Dual Culinary Performance: Italian and Japanese Styles Fuse, with Stefano De Lorenzo and Morihiro Onodera


Chef Stefano De Lorenzo of La Botte in Santa Monica welcomes legendary chef Morihiro Onodera for two special “Chef2” dinners on Friday, October 18 and Saturday, October 19. The Michelin-starred virtuosos will creatively meld innovative Italian cuisine with minimalist Japanese taste.

The chefs met a year ago. De Lorenzo was immediately intrigued by Onodera’s culinary abilities and by his ‘simple’ style, as Onodera likes to describe his esthetic. “The day Chef Mori walked into La Botte was the start of a very strong friendship. I always loved Japanese style and Japanese food, but Chef Mori’s superb culinary style especially.  We hit it off, and came up with the idea of designing plates together. Now I can’t wait to share this rare culinary performance with all our friends and supporters, for these two very special nights.”

De Lorenzo was also captivated by Mori’s own handmade ceramic plates and earthenware. After selling his former restaurant Mori Sushi in 2011, Onodera had begun making handmade pottery for several Michelin Guide restaurants in Los Angeles. Since De Lorenzo and Onodera’s first encounter, La Botte dishes have been served on Mori’s ceramics. For the upcoming La Botte event, “Chef2“, Mori’s latest artistic creations will be on hand.

The unique ten course collaborative menu will be priced at $125, wine not included. Regular menus will not be available on these two evenings. Seating is limited, and reservations are available exclusively online through OpenTable.

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