Come and join us at LaBotte’s new wine lounge, LAperitivo, where you can share a large table and choose with whom to break bread and pour wine. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore the amazing four course tasting menu of contemporary Italian cuisine handcrafted by Chef Stefano.

The experience of the aperitivo is a consolidated Italian tradition. It gives you a chance to socialize and relax while snacking before dinner often spoiling dinner altogether!

LAperitivo fosters a friendly place where you can taste a delightful glass of wine while enjoying hand sliced prosciutto and an assortment of cheeses.

Not to mention for those who want to approach the contemporary Italian cuisine of chef Stefano we created a tasting dinner menu suitable to be enjoyed in a casual and convivial cocktail hour. LAperitivo tasting menu includes a glass of wine as well as four course little dinner which will vary according to the season for $ 20.


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