la notte del tartufo bianco

La Botte welcomes the season of the white truffle with the best, freshly imported “diamonds of the kitchen” from Alba in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy.

Tuesday, November 12 join us for a gourmet sensorial experience featuring white truffle as the star ingredient. On this special evening, Chef Stefano De Lorenzo will be cooking for you an exclusive four-course menu that’s an inviting canvas for the addition of the white truffle’s bold earthy flavor. This will be a luxurious and decadent culinary event not to be forgotten!

recipe 1.1

cherry wood smoked wild Scottish steelhead


Don’t miss a chance to experience this unforgettable plate from La Botte’s menu, recipe courtesy of seasoned Chef Stefano De Lorenzo. Wild-harvested steelhead trout from Scotland finds a perfect counterpoint in wild mushrooms with a smoky cherry wood aroma. The hint of wood-smoke adds a truly refined touch — taste the pairing of sea and mountains!

LAperitivo new casual dining concept debuts at La Botte


Michelin Starred La Botte debuts its new casual dining concept, LAperitivo, featuring a seasonal, four-course tasting menu and selection of local and international wines artfully procured by seasoned Chef and owner Stefano De Lorenzo. Located at 620 Santa Monica Blvd. in Santa Monica, La Botte, Italian for “the wine cask,” has been a landmark for lovers of authentic and contemporary hand-crafted Italian cuisine for more than seven years.

“We are delighted to offer our esteemed clientele a delicious new way to enjoy La Botte’s Italian cuisine and culture in a more casual setting,” says Chef De Lorenzo. “LAperitivo is perfect for a pre-dinner cocktail hour or to gather with friends and enjoy delicious food and wine.”

LAperitivo fosters an inviting dining atmosphere with large communal tables where the Italian tradition of breaking bread and pouring wine can be shared. LAperitivo’s palate-
pleasing, seasonal, four-course tasting menu is handmade from scratch in La Botte’s kitchen, incorporating organic ingredients from local farmer’s markets and offered for an enticing set price of $20. The menu is comprised of a variety of delicious Italian cuisine such as Classic Lasagna, Luna Oysters, Trota (trout) and Mushroom Gelato with a choice of red or white wine.

Mori Onodera at La Botte

Introducing “Chef2” Dual Culinary Performance: Italian and Japanese Styles Fuse, with Stefano De Lorenzo and Morihiro Onodera


Chef Stefano De Lorenzo of La Botte in Santa Monica welcomes legendary chef Morihiro Onodera for two special “Chef2” dinners on Friday, October 18 and Saturday, October 19. The Michelin-starred virtuosos will creatively meld innovative Italian cuisine with minimalist Japanese taste.

If you love good food…

tasting menu at La Botte WineLounge
Celebrate with La Botte the opening of our new Wine Lounge area. From Tuesday, October 1st you can enjoy a four-course tasting menu including a glass of wine for $ 20.

It’s our way to introduce a greatly priced tasting menu with wild foraged ingredients incredibly crafted by chef Stefano De Lorenzo.

Wine Lounge will be open daily from 5 to 8pm.

tasting menu 

| A glass of ambrosial selected italian wine |
your choice of sparkling Prosecco, noble red or elegant white

| Luna Oysters |
Carlsbad aquafarm (farmers market) Luna oysters, finger limes

| Lasagna |
Wagyu beef ragu, seasonal greens pasta (choice of market vegetable lasagna)

| Trota |
wild steelhead trout, foraged mushrooms, cherry wood smoke

| Mushroom gelato |

The tasting menu will change accordingly to season



Come and join us at LaBotte’s new wine lounge, LAperitivo, where you can share a large table and choose with whom to break bread and pour wine. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore the amazing four course tasting menu of contemporary Italian cuisine handcrafted by Chef Stefano.

The experience of the aperitivo is a consolidated Italian tradition. It gives you a chance to socialize and relax while snacking before dinner often spoiling dinner altogether!

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Wild mushrooms from Colorado picked by Andre

“I can’t believe how lucky I am to be working in this beautiful forest, picking delicious foods to delight people’s palate” says Andre Kohler, who has been supplying Stefano De Lorenzo with foraged foods for the last three years. Andre recently attended the Mushroom Festival in Telluride Colorado to defend his Shroom Recipe Champion Chef title.