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Stefano De Lorenzo and Morihiro Onodera

We invite you to experience a very special culinary event, “Chef2”, featuring legendary Michelin starred chefs Stefano De Lorenzo and Morihiro Onodera as they artfully fuse Italian and Japanese cuisine. The two-night performance cuisine will take place at Santa Monica’s landmark Italian restaurant La Botte (620 Santa Monica Blvd.) on Friday, October 18 and Saturday, October 19. 

Erica tells her stories

erica and stefano

Erica Wohldmann (EatingLA, HomeMade1616) tells her stories
As far back as I can remember, my mom, having grown up on a farm, grew herbs and vegetables for my sisters and I.  Sometimes she’d take us out on walks and forage greens from the ground, clovers and mustards, and slip them into our mouths. Plants shaped my childhood and built within me a deep connection to nature.

During graduate school, I started foraging mushrooms and berries in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  It felt like treasure hunting, and I seemed to have an eye for edibles.  Slowly, I began to study more empirically the impacts of our food choices on health, social justice, and the environment.  I realized my connection to nature through my love for edible and medicinal plants could have the potential to heal a lot of the problems we’ve created – we protect what we love – so I started working towards teaching people to love fresh food, which is pretty simple since, well, food is required to maintain life.

To me, coming together around food feels innately rewarding.  Whether it’s teaching people how to brew wild-harvested herbal beer that helps the medicine go down with joy, sharing food I urban foraged from the grocery store dumpster, or snacking with my students while pulling weeds from our campus community garden, I’m filled with the sense that my mission is being carried out.

something magical in the kitchen


Chef Stefano De Lorenzo of La Botte is going to help us cook up a recipe for revolutionizing LA’s food system on the panel at EatingLA. We’re so lucky to have him! Stefano grew up in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy, and began his restaurant career with Ristorante Il Meloncino at Lago Ghedina. He visited Los Angeles in 1995 and was instantly captivated by the splendor of Southern California. He hasn’t left since and has worked his way around various restaurants throughout our beautiful city.

Eating LA, Artisanal Food Fare

Our marketplace features a variety of handmade delectables by some of LA’s finest cottage and artisan food makers. Our forum offers 2 panel discussions (1PM & 3PM) about ways to grow our local food system and features change-makers such as Larry Santoyo (Earthflow Design Works), Rick Nahmias (Food Forward), Elliott Kuhn (Reedley St. Farms & TreePeople), Mud Baron (Muir Ranch), Rafael Quezada (The Waters Wheel), Megan Hanson (RootDownLA), and Erin McMorrow (Kiss the Ground), plus restauranteurs and chefs such as Flynn McGarry (teenage protégé and chef of Eureka), Tom Elliott (Venice Alehouse), Stefano De Lorenzo (La Botte Ristorante), Matthew Geller (SoCal Mobile Food Vendors Assn.), and Cristina Urioste (Rasa Foods).

Chef Gino will be cooking with the kids and the Master Food Preservers will teach you how to make preserves at home. Plus, Ray Cirino will be baking pizza in his dragon pizza oven.

EarthWE will screen the new documentary Growing Cities at 5:30, so stick around for a movie and popcorn.

La Botte Ristorante will offer a special menu that evening highlighting local food from LA’s urban farmers, gleaners, wild-food foragers.

The event is free but seating is limited. Please RSVP at:

dining with Federico: 8 ½ course menu

The 34th American Film Market returns to Santa Monica this November, and to celebrate, La Botte Ristorante will pay a culinary homage to the great Italian director Federico Fellini.

La Botte’s Chef Stefano De Lorenzo will guide diners on a tour of the tastes and scents of the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, evoking Fellini’s typical menu at his country table in Rimini.

La Botte proposes to “channel” Fellini’s culinary predilections and traditions, playfully manifested in a “8 ½ Course” menu. Each course will introduce an aspect of Fellini’s passion for country cuisine. For Fellini, the culinary style of the Emilia-Romagna region was just as passionate a devotion as film-making.

recipe 1.1

cherry wood smoked wild Scottish steelhead


Don’t miss a chance to experience this unforgettable plate from La Botte’s menu, recipe courtesy of seasoned Chef Stefano De Lorenzo. Wild-harvested steelhead trout from Scotland finds a perfect counterpoint in wild mushrooms with a smoky cherry wood aroma. The hint of wood-smoke adds a truly refined touch — taste the pairing of sea and mountains!

Mori Onodera at La Botte

Introducing “Chef2” Dual Culinary Performance: Italian and Japanese Styles Fuse, with Stefano De Lorenzo and Morihiro Onodera


Chef Stefano De Lorenzo of La Botte in Santa Monica welcomes legendary chef Morihiro Onodera for two special “Chef2” dinners on Friday, October 18 and Saturday, October 19. The Michelin-starred virtuosos will creatively meld innovative Italian cuisine with minimalist Japanese taste.